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Customer References


“I just wanted to let all of you know that I am one happy customer! I ordered 50 butterflies for my wedding and every one of the butterflies was healthy and happy. The release was beautiful.”
Diane H. (Grafton, Wisconsin)

“If I had known how beautiful it was when we released them and how emotional everyone was I would have ordered one for everyone to release. Your concern about our getting them in good condition was much appreciated, they all were in good shape and loved the fountains and gardens where they were released. ”
Gay R. (Lakeside, Connecticut)

“The butterfly release was the highlight of my party. People are still talking about it.”
Gloria M. (La Jolla, California)

“I wanted to thank you and your company for the great service . Your butterflies were a big hit at the wedding! Everyone was pleasantly surprised and it made our day that much more special.”
Lisa and Doug T. (Charlotte, North Carolina)

“Thank you for making our special event so memorable. I felt very confident from working with you that the butterfly release would be special, but it was definitely even better than I expected. The huge gasp from the crowd assured me that the butterflies gave the impact that I was looking for. And they were so beautiful! It was incredible . ”
Cindy S.(Events Coordinator, Long Beach Museum of Art)



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