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buy live butterflies Why look anywhere else?

Magical Beginnings is one of the largest and most respected butterfly farms in the industry. Few companies even come close to the experience, proper breeding, and care that we give to each and every butterfly sold. Each butterfly is hand fed and carefully inspected before delivery to ensure a perfect release on your wedding day.

Magical Beginnings was the first to offer a 100% guarantee that our butterflies will be alive at the time of release. Most companies only guarantee that they will arrive alive.
Magical Beginnings provides the best butterflies

We have invested hundreds of hours researching types of butterflies that work best. Most other butterflies are too fragile to ship and do not fly as gracefully or consistently as Monarchs and Painted Ladies. Nothing is more beautiful and successful than an Amazing Butterfly release.

Take a look at what some of our customers have been saying over the years about our service. We also invite you to contact them directly. Call us for a full reference list.

** We have recently joined forces with another long established butterfly breeder,
Amazing Butterflies.  Together we will continue to exceed your expectations by offering the highest quality products and customer service available. Amazing Butterflies has been operating a very successful fulltime, year-round butterfly operation with primary locations in South Florida, Texas and California since 1999.  With over 20 years combined experience in the butterfly industry, you can be assured of becoming another very satisfied customer.

When ordering for something as special as your wedding, don't settle less for anything less than the Best from any vendor!

Internet alert!

Because of the increase in demand for butterfly releases at weddings and special events, we want to caution you that there are several companies on the internet, that have recently jumped into the business, that do not have the proper facilities to produce strong healthy butterflies. Many of these companies try to get you to buy from them at a much reduced cost. Unfortunately, because of their lack of knowledge and experience, they are often unable to deliver your order or, even worse, be out of business before your wedding day.  For your own piece of mind, please ask how long they've been in business.  You also might consider asking for customer references or even a copy of their business license.

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